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Catherine de Parthenay, Viscountess and Princess of Rohan (1554–1631), was a French noblewoman, mathematician, philosopher, poet, playwright, and translator.[3][4] She studied with the mathematician François Viète and was considered one of the most brilliant women of the era. De Parthenay was married twice, first to the Protestant Charles de Quelennec.[4] During the four years of their marriage, Quelennec was often away and was reported to have dishonored his wife. After she reached out for support from Jeanne d'Albret, Queen of Navarre, he kidnapped and imprisoned her in a castle in Brittany. During the period that she was confined, her mother notified the Duke of Anjou (future King Henri III), his mother Catherine de' Medici, and ultimately King Charles IX for resolution. Quelennec died soon after. She later married René II, Viscount of Rohan.

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