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Career Workshops


You're Hired!

Considering moving into your next role?

Competition is fierce and these days candidates need to be one step ahead!

Our Career Coaching workshop is specifically designed for Executive Assistants, PAs and Business Support professionals of all levels.  It is tailored to the requirements of the individual, ensuring that the transition into a new role will run smoothly and that your objectives are met.  

We can provide the practical and specialist support needed to navigate the highly competitive job market, and help individuals focus on their next move, developing the skills to achieve their career goals. 

From preparing a winning CV, making the most of social media, and interview & presentation skills, to building effective relationships with Recruiters and how to search for the perfect role, we have it all covered.

So you can march forward with confidence, secure in the knowledge that you can perform to your absolute best and move towards the job of your dreams!

For further information please call 01606 863700

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