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SWG Elite - Personal Assistant Recruitment Services




Working Together

SWG Elite are a premier boutique consultancy based in Cheshire, working exclusively on Executive Assistant and Personal Assistant assignments at all levels.  We match outstanding talent with inspirational businesses and individuals across the North West, on a permanent, interim or flexible basis.

We understand that to win in today's competitive market we have to be the very best and take the service we provide to the highest level. With that aim we are committed to providing cost effective, professional and highly successful solutions, delivering maximum return on investment.

Identifying The Right Talent

It's safe to say that our recruitment team does things differently. We have been doing this a long time, and we know our stuff.

Our team is led by our Director, Kaye Sharman, who has been placing Executive Assistants and PAs into senior roles for over 15 years.  All of us have been PAs, so we know what it takes to succeed in that arena.

We work with a network of the highest calibre Business/Corporate PAs and the very best Private/Lifestyle PAs throughout the North West. This ensures that you are introduced to a shortlist of exceptional candidates whose drive, professionalism, ability and performance is second to none, and who are guaranteed to make a positive impact within your organisation. 


Call us on 01606 863700 to talk about how we can work together.

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